If you run a business large or small then getting appropriate insurance cover should be at the top of your list. Specialist business insurance is a niche product area but it is available for such diverse businesses as hairdressing salons, welders, window cleaners, aerial and satellite erectors to ground workers and builders. Almost every trade or profession you can imagine.

All businesses in the UK are required by law to have suitable Employers Liability Insurance cover. Additionally, if you are engaged in a trade or profession, for example, a plumber or a doctor, then you may need to also consider Tradesman’s Insurance cover or Professional Indemnity Insurance. Tradesman’s insurance may also cover any tools or equipment that are damaged, stolen or lost either on, or off of, work sites.

Public Liability Insurance provides cover in the event of claims arising due to damage to property, injury or death to people that arise from actions or negligence by you or your employees.

Employer Liability Insurance provides financial cover for your employees and protects against employee claims arising from accidents or injury both in the workplace and whilst travelling on behalf of your business. Such a policy may also provide cover in the event of employee contractual or employment disputes or claims.

Professional Indemnity Insurance is an important consideration for those who supply professional service, for example, a doctor, an accountant or an architect to mention just a few. It should help protect you against claims arising from customers due to negligence or alleged poor quality of work. In all cases, you will need to disclose upfront whether you have had prior claims or criminal convictions. Failure to do so could invalidate any insurance cover you purchase.