A Brand New Commercial Mortgage Specialist Website

If you are a business owner and require borrowing towards the purchase of a new industrial unit or office building then you are probably looking for a commercial mortgage. In which case, you will be pleased to note that earlier this month a new website was launched on the Internet named CommercialMorgageLink.co.uk.

The above commercial mortgage comparison website has many features but before we mention some of them let’s hear what Steven Disloggi, who is a talented website designer, had to say about the bespoke engine created to run the comparison part of the website: “It really is a great system, its geared up to connect the customer with the best possible lender or broker who can offer the most suitable products. It gives the client access to over 2,300 products to ensure they have access to the best deals available.”

Key features and benefits:

  • It compares the “whole of market” providing access to over 50 commercial lenders.
  • Interest rates are available from as little as 1%.
  • LTV of up to 85% is available in some cases.
  • Comparison is made with more than 2,300 commercial mortgage products.
  • Amounts of £30k to over £30 million are available.

Commercial Mortgage Link has an experienced team of specialist advisers who constantly peruse the offers available in this competitive lending market to ensure that the website is permanently kept up to date. This helps ensure the customer gets the most competitive package available.

It is even possible to speak with one of their advisers by calling either the freephone or local rate number on the website. They will freely answer any questions that you have about such finance without any commitment on your part. There are also some interesting articles on their blog.

For further details on the launch or to contact the owner, please visit http://www.commercialmortgagelink.co.uk