Park Home Insurance

Once known as a mobile home, park homes tend to offer spacious purpose-built living accommodation on one level, with curtains, carpets, fixtures and fittings as you would find in a standard construction home but at approximately 1/3 of the price. Exteriors are usually rendered, roof tiles are made from long life steel, double glazing, uPvc doors are standard, and there is often a patio, decking or a garden.

At first glance they could be a normal home, except being on wheels they can be moved from one location to another, which makes parkhome insurance a higher risk than a standard home. People who have invested in a seasonal park home are recommended to secure adequate insurance against fire, flood, theft or a natural disaster. The British weather contributes to many incidents that befall park homes, and especially those situated near the sea or a river for example, where flood damage has become a real threat in recent years.

When it is unoccupied, your home may suffer malicious damage such as spray painting, graffiti or broken windows, or accidental ‘impact’- when another vehicle ‘bumps’ into your mobile home causing damage. The cost of your cover will be affected by the locks fitted to the external doors and windows, the contents and fittings within your home, as well as the security of the park in which your home is situated. Most parks have wardens who reside onsite throughout the year and patrol the homes on a regular basis, checking for damage and reporting potential hazards and incidents to the owners so they can take appropriate action.

Specialist park home insurers include Adrian Flux, Lifesure, Portwood and RK Shipman.