Kit Car Insurance

Kit Car Insurance

Kit cars or self-build cars are unique one-off cars that are built individually. The majority of them are replicas of a popular model of car. In most cases, kit car manufacturers will provide the essential frame of the car and other body parts but it is the responsibility of the builder or kit car enthusiast to source and install other essential parts such as the engine and the wheels. Building kit cars is a growing hobby in the UK today.

Popular types of kit cars include Caterham Seven, Ariel Atom, VW Baja Bug, Land Ranger 4×4 kit car, Replica Ferrari 355, Westfield, Robin Hood, Lotus Seven replicas, Cobra replicas, Beauford, Lomax, Quantum, Mini Moke, DAX, Pilgrim, Grinnall, Ginetta and more.

Although you can find regular insurers to cover your kit car, there are many specialist insurers who are better placed to offer you the individually-tailored insurance policy that you will need. However, if you shop around, it is possible to find a mainstream insurer who will be happy to provide you with a good policy.

A good starting point when looking for kit car insurance is to browse through the internet or use a Kit Car insurance directory which will list insurance companies that can provide relevant kit car policies.

To reduce the cost of insuring your kit car, consider the following:

Buy and install a small engine — more powerful engines will increase your premium as insurers tend to equate power with more risk.

If possible, only have a single named driver on the policy and avoid adding a first-time driver.

Keep the car in a safe place at all times, for instance, in a secure garage.

Fit useful anti-theft and security devices in your car.

Above all, be open and truthful with your insurer so that you have a trusting relationship when it comes to making claims.

If in doubt, always ask your insurer’s advice — they may even save you money!

Last but not least, protect you no-claims bonus by driving carefully and within the speed limit.

When looking for your kit car insurance, try to consider other factors apart from just the price. Think of the benefits on offer, for example, agreed valuations, track day or rally day cover, good-in-transit cover to protect essential car parts which are in the process of being transported from manufacturer to you, multi-vehicle cover which will provide cover for your other standard or non-standard cars, build-up cover to protect your car parts from theft or vandalism during assembly, laid up insurance, legal or medical expenses, an approved repairer network, courtesy cars, discounts for club enthusiast members, limited mileage discounts, 24 hour helpline, breakdown cover and more.

Specialist insurers are generally more able to deliver a customised service using their knowledge and expertise of kit or self-build cars. Some specialist insurers who offer kit car insurance are Footman James, Sure Term, Adrian Flux, Frank Pickles, Backford Bloom Company and Fair Investment. All have websites where you can obtain more information and quotes. An efficient way of comparing all your quotes once you have got them is to use a comparison website.