Convicted Drivers Car Insurance

Convicted Drivers Car Insurance

Clearly those with motoring convictions will pay a higher premium for their car insurance. The industry in this provision, however, is growing and there are a number of specialist companies that will provide insurance cover for convicted drivers. With careful research, it is possible to obtain insurance at a reasonable price.

Do not assume that the largest, best advertised brokers will provide the best value cover. Although policies are in this case often sold through brokers, and not through the specialist companies themselves, it still pays to shop around.

Minor motoring convictions, such as an SP30 speeding conviction, may not influence premiums with certain companies. Shop around to find standard brokers who will offer cover. It is where more serious convictions exist that specialist providers may be required.

One example is drink driving convictions, or DR10s, which are increasingly common in the UK. The DR10 stays on the licence for 11 years, though it is only necessary to declare it to your insurance company for the first five. Research, however, suggests that many of those convicted of driving whilst above the legal limit do not reoffend. Nonetheless, many of the major companies simply will not offer cover. There are an increasing variety of services on offer – look further and there is provision.

Often there is a dramatic difference between levels of insurance provision for convicted drivers. Third party, fire and theft policies may be the only affordable option, with few companies prepared to offer comprehensive policies for those with more serious convictions. Depending on requirements, the lower level of cover is often sufficient.

There are various ways in which it is possible for convicted drivers to reduce their premiums. The first, perhaps self evidently, is to buy a car with a smaller engine size. Whilst this may not appeal to all, it is the one clear way of making insurance provision more affordable. After a few years without claims or convictions, premiums will drop and it may be possible to move back up to a larger vehicle.

Additional driver training often influences premiums, and this is no exception in the case of drivers with convictions. Even a short course can make a big difference to driving ability, and if nothing else should ensure the licence stays clean. There are a wide variety of options, but make sure the chosen course is recognised by insurers. The government supported Pass Plus courses are excellent value, and will provide invaluable extra information and advice.

Opting to increase the voluntary excess on a policy can also reduce the premium. Exercise caution, however, as clearly drivers should be in a position to cover the potential additional costs in the event that there is an accident.

This raises perhaps the most important point of all, and that is to ensure there are no further convictions. Whilst policies may be affordable with a low level conviction, additional points can make a significant difference. After a few years of careful driving, premiums will be more affordable.