Wood Built Home Insurance

Wooden houses have come along way in terms of quality and comfort and fully meet heating, damp, fire and noise regulations, yet it is taking our insurance sector a long time to catch up with the advancements of the modern day risk-reduced wooden home insurance. Wood is an attractive alternative to mineral-based construction materials, since it provides a comfortable atmosphere indoors, wooden floors and walls are always warm and dry to the touch, it removes air humidity, and plays a leading role in the field of energy efficient buildings.

In the past, dryness and humidity caused wood to shrink and swell respectively, but modern new wood-derived materials provide a dry, crack-free, and homogeneous construction apparatus that allows wood-built homes to retain their original shape and size. Modern wood buildings are also well sealed – careful and considerate design and construction means that the wood used does not require chemical treatment. Furthermore, the risk of fire is greatly reduced, since wooden houses built with fire retardant components are astonishingly resistant to fire damage. Steel and concrete rapidly lose strength when heated, yet wood burns through astoundingly slowly. The risk of a fire is increased by the age and contents of the building and the carelessness of its occupiers.

Specialist insurers will be aware of the right questions to ask and will provide bespoke insurance cover that takes into account the age, design and materials used in your home’s construction, to reflect the risks that it may face. Naturally the more recent the construction and the more modern materials used will bring down the cost of the cover. Insurers operating in this area include Adrian Flux, freephone 0800 089 0184 .