Who needs high risk builder insurance?

Builders know that construction is a risky business and if something can go wrong, it usually will.

That’s why it’s important to make sure that you have the right cover in place regardless of the size of your firm.

All sorts of problems can arise on a construction site where sharp and sometimes lethal tools and equipment are used as part of the day-to-day job.

Add to that the extra risks of working at height or with dangerous materials and building can become a blueprint for disaster.

That’s why high-risk builder insurance is a good idea to protect against the likelihood of an accident.

High risk workers generally include:

• Roofers and tilers – Working at height need a robust health and safety regime and for workers using heat on flat roofs, extra insurance protection is vital.

• Scaffolders – Risk insurance is a must for this type of business and cover can generally be arranged to suit the job, which can make sure the price does not go through the roof

• Skip hirers – Dealing with heavy, sharp or hazardous waste needs special precautions and special insurance cover

• Welders – Welding insurance is costly and often difficult to source. Providing strict health and safety procedures are followed, it is possible to find some hot deals

• Ground workers – The heavy machinery and nature of the work can mean hefty premiums, but brokers should be able to dig out some competitive pricing

The risk is working without the right insurance can mean expensive claims if the worst should happen.

Even then, insurers will expect to see workers are properly trained and that the site manager has strict health and safety processes in place to reduce the risk to workers and the public.

A small business, especially a sole trader or a couple of partners working together, could face losing their livelihood and homes if they have to meet a large claim.