Student Possessions Contents

Student Possessions Contents Insurance

Moving away from home and starting university is a great adventure and one that most people will remember forever. However, it is common for students moving into halls of residence or shared accommodation to get wrapped up in the excitement of their newfound freedom and overlook practical issues such as contents insurance. It’s vital to ensure that everyone living in student accommodation takes out adequate cover to protect their belongings; particularly nowadays as many students have their own laptops, mobile phones and valuable music equipment.

Unfortunately students might find it more difficult than most to find insurers willing to protect their belongings. One reason for these problems is that insurance companies tend to consider student lifestyles more risky than average. Moreover, the nature of student accommodation, such as shared flats or halls of residence, often means that there are additional security issues to consider as living spaces might be left unlocked and unattended for long periods of time. If your bedroom door cannot be locked, for example, you could find that mainstream companies will simply not insure you.

Despite the potential difficulties, it is still possible to find good quality contents cover for students’ possessions due to the great range of specialist student insurers that have sprung up in recent years. These companies understand the specific needs of students, the type of items they need to insure and the sorts of accommodation they tend to live in. There are a number of well established student insurers operating at the national level who can provide quotes and cover online, but it is also worth asking your local student information centre for details of any additional local companies offering specialist student cover. If you shop around you can find great deals for peace of mind during your studies.