Specialist Home Insurance

Specialist Home Insurance

Most people will be required to have some form of buildings and/or contents insurance. If you have a mortgage, then it will be a requirement that you hold at least buildings insurance cover that is sufficient to allow for rebuilding the house in the event of damage or loss. However, finding appropriate cover may not be all that easy if you have a non standard dwelling or it is located on a flood plane.

There are many forms of buildings that require specialist home insurance. These include

•higher risk properties, such as thatched houses, wooden buildings or holiday homes

•homes where some element of business takes place, such as bed and breakfast establishments or home offices

•multiple occupancy buildings, such as landlords insurance for a block of flats or a residential or holiday park

•specialist structures, such as listed buildings and flat roofed houses or flats

•unoccupied premises, be they residential homes left unattended for long periods or holiday homes with seasonal inoccupation.

In addition to structural insurance, contents may also need to be covered. A typical example of where this may be the case is with houses or flats let to students. With changing climate patterns, recent catastrophic events have shown the value of flood insurance. This provides the financial wherewithal to recover after the event. Whilst expensive, and with high excesses, it can still be worthwhile considering.

If your property has been underpinned or is in an area with known subsidence, then considering subsidence or underpinning cover could be essential. A specialist insurance broker should be able to source competitive quotes.