Specialist Car Insurance

Specialist Car Insurance

If you own and run a middle of the road factory produced or standard dealer sold vehicle, then getting road insurance should be a relatively straightforward, time consuming, but not too demanding task. However, if you have that ‘special’ vehicle or there is something different about either you, what you do or your past, then you will need to look for cover from a specialist broker.

There are a number of policies that can be arranged. These are diverse and quite wide ranging in their nature. The types of cover that apply to the actual vehicle falls into eight broad categories:

•high performance, expensive and hot hatches/sports coupe’s

•off roaders (e.g. 4X4 vehicles)

•modified or built cars (e.g. kit cars, Q plated vehicles, replicas)

•hybrids (including electric powered)

•imports (e.g. American or Japanese standard production vehicles)

•classic cars

•camper vans

•region specific cover (i.e. Northern Ireland, Jersey & Guernsey and the Isle of Man).

Then there are specialist policies that are available to the prospective drivers. These include:
•insurance for young and inexperienced drivers

•driving instructor cover

•cover for drivers with previous speeding or driving convictions.

The final area of specialist insurance available is to the motor trade. Here options exist for Road Risks Policies and Combined Policies for additional cover for such items as engineering inspection liability, business disruption and transported goods and vehicles. The options are quite numerous and should be investigated thoroughly with your specialist insurance broker.