Replica Car Insurance

Replica and kit cars are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. A replica car is defined as a car that has been hand built to resemble the original in every way, however, they are normally much cheaper than the real thing. If you prefer though, you can build your own replica car from scratch using a kit. Either way, you are going to need specialist insurance both during the building phase and when driving the finished car.

Insuring a Replica Car

Because every replica and kit car is different from the next, you will need an individual insurance policy designed specifically with your car in mind. It is important that you use a specialist kit car insurer as they will have the knowledge to accurately value your particular car and so provide the best policy. One of the top replica and kit car insurers is Adrian Flux although there are many more available as well. Your insurance company must be able to tailor your policy to you whilst also coving your car during the building phase and when finished.

What to look for in a Replica Car Insurance Policy

The most important thing to look for is an agreed valuation. Most general insurance companies will only pay the market value should you write the car off and this sum may be much less than the car is actually worth. Specialist insurers can accurately value your replica car and so should you ever be unfortunate enough to be in an accident, you will be guaranteed the value of your car.

A specialist insurer can also offer additional extras and discounts that a general insurer can’t which can also save you money should anything happen during the building stage. These extras and discounts include:

• Goods in transit cover which insures your replica car during the collection procedure and any parts that might later need to be ordered from a manufacturer.

• Multi-car cover which can cover all of the kit cars you are working on and also your everyday car as well. This option is often cheaper than a general car insurance policy.

• Garage discount whereby you are offered a discount on your policy if you keep your replica or kit car in a secure garage or similar building.

• Limited mileage discount which gives a varied discount depending on the mileage you do per year i.e. the fewer miles you cover the larger the discount.

• Owners’ Club discount which can be up to 15% if you can prove you are a member of a recognised owners’ or enthusiasts’ club.

It is also possible to get one-off rally and show cover which allows you to take your replica car to rally days and enthusiast shows on specific dates.


Replica and kit cars take a long time to build and so it is important that you insure them adequately. This type of car needs insurance whilst on the road and whilst being built which means it is vital to find an insurer that can provide a policy to cover all eventualities. You need to decide what features you do and don’t need before searching for an insurer that can offer you the flexible insurance policy that your classic replica car needs.