Luxury Executive Car Insurance

Luxury and Executive Car Insurance

If you drive a luxury or executive car such as a Bentley, Mercedes, BMW, Hummer, Audi, Rolls Royce or a Lexus, you will need to find a luxury or executive car insurance scheme to suit your individual needs. Do not allow price to be the only factor when deciding which luxury and executive car insurance policy you should purchase. Instead, make sure you choose a policy that will cover you and your car for any eventuality. A good policy should be a balance of price, policy features and benefits.

Those of you who drive executive and luxury cars may feel penalised by insurance companies. Many insurers do charge a higher premium for these types of car because of the supposed higher risk associated with them.

Here are some suggestions of how you can reduce your insurance premiums and ensure you get the best policy for your luxury and executive car:

Shop around for a good executive car insurance policy. The car insurance market is extremely competitive and if you are not afraid of negotiating, you will find there are good value deals to be had. When shopping around, make sure you get quotes using the same criteria so that you can compare the quotes accurately. Use a comparison website to obtain your quotes as this is a easy way of knowing which deals are available. However, be aware that not all the best deals will be available on these sites- some insurance companies do not promote their policies through comparison websites.

Another useful tip to bear in mind is that generally, if you buy your luxury and executive car insurance online, you are more likely to get a better deal.

If possible, show your insurer that you have security of your car at the top of your mind by specifying that you park your car in a secure location such as a locked garage or secure driveway. This will ensure you get the best discounts on offer.

Similarly, install useful safety and security devices such as airbags, antilock brakes, automatic seat belts and immobilisers so that you will qualify for the best deal.

Increase your voluntary excess to the maximum amount that you can afford.

If possible, avoid adding young or first-time drivers to your policy as this will prove very costly. Last but not least, drive carefully and try to keep within the speed limit. The best way to guarantee a low insurance premium is to protect your no-claims bonus and if possible, avoid making any claims at all!

You can find luxury and executive car policies through regular insurers or from specialist insurers such as Keith Michaels, Adrian Flux and Swinton. Some of the specialist insurers have a better understanding of people who own and drive luxury and executive and can offer some great deals. Instead of treating these types of cars as high risk, they may be willing to provide a good value policy based on the fact that owners of such cars are more likely to cherish their cars and take excellent care of them. Another advantage of using a specialist insurer is that you will be discussing your insurance needs with a knowledgeable person who will share the same enthusiasm that you have for your car.