Jersey Guernsey Car Insurance

Jersey and Guernsey Car Insurance

The Bailiwick of Jersey is off the coast of Normandy, France, but is a British Crown dependencie. The bailiwicks of Jersey and Guernsey make up the Channel Islands, and have a combined population of around 160,000. The economy of the main islands relies primarily on financial services, whilst the smaller islands are extremely dependent on tourism, with some types of agriculture. Interestingly, both the Jersey and Guernsey bailiwicks issue their own banknotes and coins.

The Channel Islands are extremely popular with motorists, despite – or perhaps because of – the fact that the island has no motorways. Jersey covers only 118 square kilometres, so can easily be explored in a day’s driving. That said there is plenty to see to keep those on tours busy for a week or more. Whether for business or pleasure, the car is king here. The islands have one of the highest concentrations of cars in Europe, and indeed the world, and there are numerous events throughout the year for car enthusiasts. From MG Owners’ Club Meetings to the annual Jersey Festival of Motoring which takes place in early June, these islands have a rich motoring history.

Driving on the Channel Islands is a real pleasure. Quiet, well maintained roads, and a more sedate driving experience. It appears that other motorists also enjoy the experience, with none of the bad attitude that seems to have become commonplace in the UK and mainland Europe. A slower pace of life manifests itself in a more relaxed driving atmosphere.

The islanders also benefit from cheaper motoring costs than on the UK mainland. Fuel is not taxed to such an extent, and road tax is similarly far more affordable than anywhere on the mainland. Car insurance premiums are significantly lower. If visiting the island, ensure the policy you have will cover trips there, as some major insurance companies do not provide cover as standard.

Those who are resident on the islands have a wide variety of options, and will be able to secure car insurance at more reasonable prices than those on the mainland. There are providers both on the islands themselves and in the UK who can offer policies tailored to any requirement. Clearly the reasonable premiums are due in part to the extremely low crime rates, with the island of Sark boasting the world’s smallest jail. In addition the islands have a very low rate of road accidents when compared to the mainlands of the UK and Europe.

Ensure policies also provide cover for the UK mainland, as this is not always the case. Often the more limited policies offer the best prices, so it may be worth considering acquiring additional insurance for trips to the UK if these visits are only occasional. It is worth noting that there may be restrictions on the requirements of the more affordable policies. Those with unserved convictions may find they are excluded, as may those with previous claims. Take the time to consider the options and there are very reasonable deals available.