Isle of Man Car Insurance

Isle of Man Car Insurance

The price of car insurance continues to rise across the UK. In the last year premiums have increased by an average of £30 or 9%, but this general trend does not reflect significant regional differences. Urban areas, in particular London, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow, have the highest rates, with figures of up to £600 for a standard family car not uncommon. This situation places a great pressure on car owners, particularly when increases in road tax and fuel costs are taken into account.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, however, premiums can be found for less than half this figure. Areas with low crime rates, and to an even greater extent islands around the UK, benefit from very reasonable rates. The Scottish Islands of Orkney and Shetland offer great value, but the cheapest of all in the UK is the Isle of Man, at a little over £200 for car insurance for a standard family car. The vehicle must be based on the island, and some policies do have restrictions so make sure your requirements are met fully. Many policies offer coverage across the UK and as such are excellent value.

The island offers great facilities for drivers, and has been used as a location for a number of films. At only 33 miles long and 13 miles wide, there are options for sedate and picturesque drives. Outside urban areas, the roads are derestricted, so are something of a mecca for car enthusiasts. The infamous TT Races may have put the island on the map for motorists, but there are still plenty of quiet, and often under used, roads outside of the capital, Douglas.

With 40% of the island uninhabited, historic castles, glens, waterfalls and other natural wonders, there is a great deal on offer, both for residents and those visiting the island. Excellent facilities for tourists make the Isle of Man a great choice for a weekend or week long break. This little visited island has an atmosphere of its own, distinctly different from life on the other sides of the Irish Sea. Those from the mainland will find the island’s culture and inhabitants a breath of fresh air after passing through busy and industrial Liverpool.

Policies are available both from local agents and larger national and international groups, though some of the better known providers may not provide cover in the Isle of Man. The island is one of the best developed offshore insurance centres, so it is well worth taking the time to research the best deals available. Compare the larger brokers with smaller specialist companies, as great saving can be found.

A number of providers based in Douglas provide competitively priced policies. Ensure policies cover travel on the UK mainland, as this is not always the case. Some providers may offer policies tailored to particular groups – those seeking caravan or motor home insurance for example – and it is often benificial to explore these options.