Hybrid Electric Car Insurance

Hybrid Car and Electric Car Insurance

Everyone is aware of the fragility of our planet and our climate and we all do our part to protect and preserve the environment. In the past electric cars were a thing of science fiction dreams, but are now an everyday, practical reality and available in many different sizes and types, the most popular of which are in fact ‘hybrid’ cars which combine both a traditional petrol engine and an electric motor to reduce your carbon foot print and get more miles to the gallon and value for money in your motoring. If you own or are thinking of purchasing a hybrid or electrically powered vehicle then you will probably want to consider purchasing specialist insurance to cover your car, and will be looking for a policy that is both good value and also specifically tailored to your needs as a green motorist, whether it is through ethically run business or experience in the hybrid car market. There is currently a bit of a boom in the hybrid insurance market since a survey revealed that seven out of ten people in the UK would switch to a hybrid powered vehicle if it would reduce the cost of motoring over a year, and as a result now is the perfect time to shop around for a new policy and get a great deal. There are a lot of insurers who offer hybrid and electric car insurance, and here are a few of them and the insurance considerations that go with owning and insuring an electric or hybrid car.

Insurance Considerations And Some Options

When insuring your hybrid car the insurance companies will always take into consideration the same things as they would when insuring you on a traditional, petrol powered vehicle. However, the key differences lie in the benefits that running a green, eco-friendly hybrid car will net you in the insurance sector. Rather than getting your insurance straight from the big boys, it might be sensible to look at smaller but more specialist companies that have the same ethical values and operating ideals as the car you own. yesinsurance.co.uk offer £25 to anyone with a hybrid car who takes up a deal with them. Additionally they will also donate £25 to the carbon offsetting company Climatesure, which shows it really does pay to be green. If you want a really green insurance package you might consider greeninsurancecompany.co.uk as the most eco friendly option. If you take out a policy with them they pledge to offset 100% of your cars emissions, which is a step in the right direction to becoming carbon neutral, and drivers of hybrid or electric cars will get at least a 5% discount on their policy for already reducing their emissions. Additionally you will get piece of mind about their business practices as they give 5% of their profits to charity, paying good will forward. These two companies aren’t the only ones jumping on the fashionable hybrid bandwagon and offering incredible discounts. In fact even the big insurers are starting to take note and offer attractive packages, so there really has been no better time to own a hybrid car.