Hot Hatch Sports Coupe Car Insurance

Hot Hatch and Sports Coupe Car Insurance

A hot hatch or a sports coupe normally refers to a high-performance derivative car with three or occasionally five doors. These types of cars are built to appeal to the budget-conscious driver who wants to own a powerful car. Hot hatch and sports coupe cars usually come with enhanced suspension and a more powerful engine.

The following are popular types of hot hatch cars:

Alfa Romeo 147 2.0 TS/GTA

BMW 1 Series 120i/130i

Volvo C30

Volkswagen Golf

Volkwagen Polo

The following are popular types of sports coupe cars:

Audi TT 225 Quattro Coupe

BMW M3 Coupe

Porsche 911 993 Carrera

Honda Civic Sports Coupe

Aston Martin Vantage Coupe

Mainstream insurance companies which can provide you with quotes for your hot hatch and sports coupe Car include leading names such as Tesco and the AA. If you prefer a more individual service, you can discuss your car insurance needs with specialist hot hatch and sports coupe Car insurance companies such as Performance Direct, Greenlight Insurance, Swinton Specilaist Insurance and Adrian Flux.

Certain drivers prefer to deal with specialist car insurers who they believe can provide them with a higher level of customer service basd on the fact that they have more knowledge and expertise. Other drivers are perfectly happy to deal with your mainstream general car insurer who are more likely to offer better value policies. Generally, online car insurance companies can offer the cheapest deals.

If you are a young or inexperienced driver of a hot hatch or sports coupe car, be prepared to pay a higher premium. Insurers do generally penalise young drivers as they perceive them to be a higher risk than a driver with more road experience. If at all possible, avoid adding a young driver onto your insurance policy. Some insurers may also charge a higher premium based on the fact that your hot hatch or sports coupe car is more powerful and may be more likely to encounter accidents. Other insurers increase their premiums for hot hatch and sports coupe cars on the basis that these type of cars can appear more attractive and be more of a target for car theft and vandalism.

In order to keep your insurance premiums as low as possible, make sure you take sensible measures such as driving safely and within the speed limit, keeping your car parked in a secure area ideally in a garage. Install anti-theft and safety in-car equipment including immobilisers and GPS systems. All these things will help you protect your no-claims bonus and qualify you for the maximum discounts offered by car insurance companies.

Of course, do not just choose the first quote you receive. Talk to a handful of reputable car insurance company representative and obtain like-for-like quotes. It is easy and convenient to compare quotes by using a comparison website. Once you are happy with the cost as well as the range of benefits and level of coverage you have been offered, then you can confirm your purchase. Although most drivers are attracted by cheap car insurance, it is necessary to take all factors into consideration to guarantee you are properly covered when you are out and about driving in your hot hatch or sports coupe car.