Choosing the hairdressers insurance

Spending a little time searching out the right hairdresser’s insurance can make your business a cut above the rest.

Hairdressers have a very personal relationship with their customers and need comprehensive insurance to safeguard their business.

One of the keys to finding the right hairdressing insurance is making sure the provider has a complete list of services offered to customers – and not to step off the list as a favour as this could void the
policy should something go wrong.

Hairdressing insurance covers other business areas besides treatments – liability, business interruption, buildings, contents and vehicles.


Hairdressers need good public liability insurance to cover the cost of legal expenses and compensation should a customer suffer an illness or injury as a result of something going wrong.

Public liability also offers cover to any third party who is not an employee who suffers sickness or injury from a visit to a salon, even if they do not have a treatment.

By law, any hairdresser with staff must have employer liability insurance that extends the same cover as public liability insurance to employees.

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Business interruption

Business interruption pays out lost profits when an incident like a fire, flood or break in means a salon cannot open for business.

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Buildings insurance

Only hairdressers operating from their own premises should take out this cover, so if you are a tenant renting a salon, the landlord should have their own policy.

If the salon is home-based, take out business buildings cover, as standard home insurance offers no cover.

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Contents insurance

Contents covers stock, computers, business records, machinery and equipment a hairdresser needs to trade. This cover is the responsibility of the trader not the freeholder if the salon is rented.

For home-based salons, standard contents cover does not give the right protection, so upgrade to business hairdressing insurance.


Hairdressers who call on their clients also need to upgrade their car or van insurance to a business policy and should consider extra cover to make sure stock or equipment are covered against theft or damage.