Camper Van Insurance

Camper Van Insurance

With more and more people turning to camping holidays as their annual getaway it is no wonder that camper vans and motor homes are becoming highly popular commodities. It is important, however, that owners of camper vans purchase the correct insurance policy for their vehicle as they require cover whilst on the move as well as when stationary.

Types of Camper Vans

Probably the most well known type of camper van is the VW although camper van insurance also covers a wide range of motor homes and RVs as well. There are certain criteria that have to be met for a vehicle to be classed as a camper van including such things as the presence of a bed and wardrobe, cooking facilities, seating for meals and water storage facilities. Most insurance policies cover all types of camper vans, however, it is important to check carefully before agreeing to buy.

Choosing Camper Van Insurance

No two camper van insurance policies will be the same and so you should search around for an insurance company that will tailor a policy to suit your exact needs. There are a number of specialist insurance companies that only provide insurance for camper vans and mobile homes and it is often these companies that can give you the individual policy you are looking for. Two such companies are Safeguard and Caravan Guard although there are others available.

Before buying your insurance policy you need to decide exactly what features and restrictions you require. The cover you choose will ultimately depend on how, when and where you use your camper van so you need to think closely about the amount of use it is going to get in the next twelve months. Once you have an idea about the usage you can find a flexible policy to match.

Things to look for in a CamperVan Policy

Most camper van policies start with a basic level of insurance and you add the extras that you think you will require. So for example you might want to consider adding:

• Continental cover for travelling abroad.

• Extra mileage cover if you use your camper van a lot or as your primary mode of transport.

• Personal effects cover if you leave belongings in the camper van even when it is not being used.

• Awning cover if you erect an additional awning when out camping.

• New for old cover which will replace your camper van if it is less than one year old at the time the insurance starts.

• Breakdown cover if your van is getting on in years.

• Car cover if you tow a small private car behind your camper van or motor home.

Some policies will automatically include some of these extras and so it is important to check this before buying. After all it is pointless paying for continental cover if you never travel abroad in your camper van.


Camper van insurance is generally cheaper than normal car insurance and if you do your research you can easily find a policy that is perfect for your circumstances. Some insurance companies give additional discounts to members of the Caravan Club and other motoring organisations so it is worthwhile joining these as well.