Bed and Breakfast Insurance

Using your home to run a business can present many additional challenges – not least when looking for insurance on either the contents or the building structure.

Specialist insurance brokers can help locate a policy that is specific to your needs and the size and type of your business. For example, they will be able to look at cover for both the type of building (say if it is higher risk such as thatched or wooden) and the contents and ensure that any additional activities, such as any restaurant, are suitably covered. Contents cover can also be arranged for the business assets and the domestic property ensuring that you only pay the right premium for the right cover. It is usually possible to have accidental damage included as a standard.

As most B&B’s will be private residences, the policies are usually geared so that no claims discounts can be earned – sometimes up to 50%.

Standard cover will include Public & Product Liability and Employers Liability Insurance. Additional cover is available for accidental damage, loss, damage or theft of guests’ possessions and for additional activities that may be run such as late bars or entertainment. Finally, remember to look at possible cover for such risks as flood or business interruption. This should be considered if your business is your principal source of income as any significant downtime may seriously impact your ability to earn and pay ongoing commitments, such as mortgage payments

There are many specialist insurance brokers operating in this area who can provide competitive quotes and advice. Amongst them are, and In addition to brokers, there are direct insurers.