4×4 Car Insurance

Insuring a standard family estate car can be a hassle on the best of days, but insuring a specialist vehicle like a 4×4, which can range from a high performance sports saloon like the Quattro Range from Audi right up to big off road vehicles from Land Rover, BMW, Jeep or imported 4x4s from Asia or America, can be a nightmare and requires a specialist service. If you’re a 4×4 enthusiast and want comprehensive and specifically designed cover for your vehicle there are a lot of specialist insurance companies who would be glad of your business. There are also a number of important things that you and your insurance company will need to consider so that you can get the best possible deal and really enjoy 4×4 ownership without having to worry about your insurance policy coming back to bite you if it is inappropriate or inexpertly prescribed. Getting the balance between value and peace of mind is hard but not impossible with the wealth of insurance firms operating websites with comparison functions, online discounts and specialist insurance for 4×4 owners, so it’s always important to consider your options and open your eyes to the wealth of insurance offers that are out there.

Insurance Considerations and Options

If you own a 4×4 and are interested in or are already a regular participant in ‘Green Laning’, the practice of using public paths and routes through rural areas to off-road and simultaneously raising awareness about our natural heritage, then you’ll want a policy which covers you whilst you’re out and about. Specialist insurers, like adrianflux.co.uk offer Green Laning and off-road cover in their 4×4 car insurance policies, along with cover for classic 4×4 vehicles on an agreed value basis. You can even get policies that are aimed at specific types of 4×4 and off road vehicle, like Jeep or Land Rover only policies, and insurance can even extend to ex-military vehicles which should widen the scope of the kind of vehicle you can buy and insure. Insurance companies will take many things into account when providing you with a quote for a particular policy, including driving experience which in this case includes previous experience in 4x4s. If you are only going to be using your vehicle occasionally you can reduce your premium by going for a limited mileage policy, and if you are a member of a vehicle club that pertains to your 4×4 interests you may be entitled to a discount, depending on club and insurance company loyalties of course. Additionally you’ll want to consider the security of your 4×4 when it’s not in use, which is something that can greatly affect the cost of your premium. The more secure your storage the less you will have to pay, and installing alarms or tracking systems will also benefit you. The price of increased security can be offset by the cumulative price of lower premiums on insurance. The benefits of using specialist insurers is not just in the expertise and specific policy features that benefit 4×4 owners, but in the human touch which many offer which means that you really are treated as an individual and therefore more likely to get the best deal for your 4×4 insurance.