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Q Plated Car Insurance

Q Plated Car Insurance

There is a little bit of stigma attached to the label ‘Q Plated Vehicle’ because this can refer to a car which is of indeterminate origin, which has been rebuilt or refurbished after a crash or accident from used parts, which was not originally registered in the UK and whose origin cannot be fathomed by any normal channels. Vehicles which fit this description are prescribed a number plate that begins with the letter Q. As a result there is a certain amount of mistrust associated with the Q plated car insurance market, but you shouldn’t panic as in most cases a Q plated vehicle has nothing wrong with it, and the fact that its previous owner made the DVLA aware of its vague construction and origins means that it has probably been thoroughly checked and submitted to the same regulations and tests as any other road car. A Q plate is also regularly applied to imported luxury and high performance vehicles from places like Japan whose age cannot be determined. Additionally, most Kit Cars and self assemble performance models are required to be registered under a Q plate, and as such a Q plated car does not necessarily have to be a quirky amalgamation of disparate parts, but is often in the case of Kit Cars a lovingly assembled and maintained vehicle. If you are thinking of buying a Q plated vehicle to operate in the UK you will probably be wondering about the various insurance considerations and implications that you and your insurer will need to consider, and you will probably look at the various specialist insurance groups that cater to the Q plated vehicle market.

Insurance Considerations and Restrictions

There are a lot of specialist insurers out there who will try to get you the best deal for your Q plated vehicle, but the cost of your plan will most likely be dependent on the type of vehicle it is you are insuring, as the Q plate is such a widely used umbrella term that covers many varieties of vehicle. You may need to consider whether your vehicle is left hand drive and whether this is an issue for your insurer, if any modifications you or a previous owner have made to the car will be covered by your policy, and whether an engineer’s report is needed before an insurer will consider your case. Additionally, if you are a member of an owners’ club for a high performance or imported specialist vehicle several Q plate insurance companies may offer you a discount, which is something else to think about. Finding specialist insurers is pretty easy over the internet, though the choice may seem overwhelming, so you might consider using a comparison website like moneysupermarket.com to filter your results and get a quote. However, there are some smaller, specialist insurers who don’t participate in the large comparison sites surveys, and seeking them out might get you the best deal. For example adrinflux.co.uk operates on a personal basis that tailors the policy to you as an individual on a personal level without just using computers and online forms, and is backed up by expert knowledge. Checking out the smaller companies might be something to consider before purchasing a policy from the larger ones.