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Modified Car Insurance

Modified Car Insurance

The modification scene is booming in the UK at the moment and creating that individual look for your car or boosting the performance through tweaks, tuning and modifications to your engine and everything else is something that is a passion for thousands of people up and down the country. However, as you are probably aware, making changes to your car is likely to increase the premium you have to pay for insurance each year and this can be a real pain in the neck and the wallet. As a result it’s a good idea to move outside of the mainstream insurance sector and shop around for specialist insurance that is designed specifically for people who are into car modification. But what can you expect from a specialist insurer and what should you consider when looking at the insurance risks, restrictions and benefits of running and insuring a modified car?

Insurance Options and Offers

As with any kind of insurance it’s essential that you not only shop around to get the cheapest deal, but that you get exactly the kind of cover you need so that you’re not left high and dry when it comes to making a claim that might not be covered by your insurance company. There are many policies which are adapted to suit the modified car insurance market. Some insurers, like swinton.co.uk/car/specialist/Modified will offer several beneficial features on their specialist modified policies, such as track day cover for those of you who plan to race your car, specialist break down cover with specific equipment to account for such things as cars with front spoilers or low skirts. Like-for-like cover on modifications is something else you might want to consider, as you will often sink a lot of money into a project and protecting your modified investment is essential. Because your modified car may well be a low mileage vehicle if you only use it for shows or racing then you’ll want to make sure that your policy takes this into account, as many specialist policies do. Reducing your premium is easy as long as you look for a deal which accommodates the various pros and cons of owning and operating a modified car. Secure storage locations and low mileage will lower your premium, and some insurers will not take previous driving offences into account if you are planning on just using your car for racing. One modification that it is best to steer clear of is the installation of nitrous oxide kits, as even specialist insurers will sometimes shun you if you go for this type of extreme mod, though there are companies who won’t penalise you for such a thing. Fitting your modified car with an alarm is a good start, but insurance companies will be even more impressed and confident if you have a tracker fitted so that should your car be stolen it can be recovered easily. All this information is essential to help lower your premium, as is comparing the market and considering what it is that you need from your insurance policy.